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At Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C., our lawyers have been devoted to providing high-quality legal representation for each of our clients throughout Long Island, the city of New York, & Westchester County since the firm was first established in 1993. We understand that divorce and family law matters are difficult issues that must be handled in a delicate matter. Our divorce attorneys can select the appropriate method of divorce or legal action for each individual's case. The result of your child custody and visitation order, for example, can significantly impact the remainder of your life, as can many other family law concerns. For that reason, it is important to enlist the legal assistance of a compassionate divorce lawyer from our firm!

High Net Worth Divorce

Our firm has more than 60 years of combined experience handling all types of family law cases in Long Island, the City of New York & Westchester County. Not only do we have the necessary experience to handle all aspects of your divorce case, including disputes regarding child support, but we will also help you develop a roadmap to move forward with any necessary action after your divorce. When it comes to complex, high-asset divorce issues, such as equitable distribution proceedings, our lawyers believe that you should fight for your rights and obtain that which you justly deserve. We handle high net worth divorce cases for clients with complicated property division issues. The emotional issues that can arise when distributing a large amount of high-value assets can best be handled with the attention of one of our lawyers from Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C.

Dealing with issues of family law is never easy. It can be a very stressful and daunting task to undo the damage that is created when one or both members of a marriage choose to terminate their legal relationship. It is imperative that you immediately involve a skilled attorney from our firm, especially if you are dealing with high-value assets. One divorce issue you might have to face, especially when involved in a high-asset divorce, is that of spousal support. In divorce situations involving children, you will likely have to resolve the issue of child support, which can quickly escalate into a heated dispute. By working with a divorce attorney who knows the laws of New York and will take the time to successfully build your case, you can be confident that your interests will be well represented.

In the event that you have already dissolved the marriage but a life change has occurred that significantly impacts your ability to continue with the divorce arrangement as it is currently exists, our firm can help you seek a modification of your Judgment of Divorce. We understand that there is no single answer to fit every individual's situation. The solution to your problem will likely be entirely different than the road that must be taken by another family. For that reason, we will help you obtain a unique solution to your specific problem. There are many hurdles that you and your family will likely face in the next few months, and our firm will be by your side during that entire time. Our firm will continue to be by your side at any point to cater to your needs.

Our decades of combined experience equip us with the knowledge and methods to help you successfully resolve your family law matter and move forward with your life. We have been recognized in the legal community for our abilities and have been published in the New York Law Journal and Long Island Business News. Seek our counsel regarding your concerns. At Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C., we offer a case evaluation so that you can start planning for the process of your divorce or address any other family law related issues and concerns. Contact our firm today to find out how you can obtain the legal assistance you deserve!