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Child Support Attorney

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If you have children with your spouse, the issue of child support will be addressed as part of the resolution of your matter, whether your case is settled or determined after a trial. Child support is typically paid by the non‑custodial parent to the custodial parent, to help maintain the standard of living that the child(ren) had before the divorce. In New York, the payment of child support is governed by the Child Support Standards Act, which provides for calculation of child support based on the parties' combined parental income (after deducting FICA and New York City Tax) and the number of children under the age of 21 unless otherwise emancipated pursuant to applicable law. While the court must apply the Child Support Standards Act to combined parental income of $154,000, the courts in New York may also apply the statutory formula to income well in excess of this sum. How far above the $154,000 income threshold court will apply the statutory formula depends on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, the reasonable needs of the child(ren) at issue. The attorneys at Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C. are well-versed on the Child Support Standards Act, the manner in which it is applied, and the current trends of its application in the State.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Unfortunately, occasions will arise where a party does not meet their child support obligations. The lawyers at Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C. have handled numerous child support enforcement proceedings. Enforcement proceedings can have significant consequences and can result in the imposition of severe penalties on the party who has failed to make required child support payments. These penalties can include wage garnishments, entry of money judgments, suspension of driver's and/or professional licenses, and, potentially, incarceration. The penalties that a court may impose can also be a function of the court in which you pursue enforcement remedies. Our attorneys will guide you as to how best to pursue enforcement of child support owed to you and collect all monies that are due.