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Religious Divorces in New York

The attorneys at Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C. know that every divorce presents with its own unique set of facts. We are cognizant of the fact that issues of religion and religious observance can be significant factors in a particular divorce proceeding and can have impacts on a wide range of issues. We are also cognizant that securing a religious divorce for a party in a divorce proceeding can be just as important, if not more so, than securing a civil divorce through the courts. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience dealing with religious divorces, including appearances and hearings before religious tribunals, such as a Beit Din, where parties may choose to submit their disputed issues rather than through civil courts.

The law imposes significant consequences on a party who attempts to interfere with another party's right to obtain a religious divorce. The attorneys at Jeffrey S. Schecter & Associates, P.C. are versed in the legal remedies available to assist our clients in obtaining a religious divorce, and recognize the importance of handling such issues in an aggressive and sensitive manner so that your rights are protected.